aka PrincessPandaLover

  • I live in Crisis City, Park Avenue, and sometimes the Chao Garden
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is being a Sonic fan and autistic
  • I am a female computer addict
  • Ilovejamaa74

    Me in the Beta days

    January 2, 2013 by Ilovejamaa74

    Long ago when AJ was in testing mode, everything were different. No membership. Game were just signs. Dens were three stories high. Lots of beta items. If you sleep, your eyes are still open. Wolves, bunnies, monkeys, and koalas were the only animals. My mother was a bunny. She had no children and can't give birth to them. One day, she found me as a panda cub. She named me Princess. I was the first panda in Jamaa. My old panda mother abonned me. After 2 days, my mother found a wolf pup. She named him Black 'cause of the black fur. Black and I were brothers and sisters after all.

    I'm a teen right now. I have round eyes. I have eyelashes when I was a baby. Read more about the beta days on Beta.

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