is Count's evil older brother. He got moon blinked, and became evil, and his pupils turned white. Scar became known as "the metal tail," due to him losing his tail and getting tail armor exactly like his brother's. He also has a scar on his left eye. He has a sister named Victory Frozenmoon and a cousin named Rosy Icybeast

Theme songEdit

Super Mario Galaxy Music Final Bowser Battle02:55

Super Mario Galaxy Music Final Bowser Battle


Scar tried to destroy Jamaa with a giant volcano in Mt. Shiveer. After several days, the lava is up to the top of the volcano. Count came in using an Invisiball and fought Scar in the core of the volcano. It seemed all hope was
lost, but at the last second, Count pushed Scar into the volcano, and the lava stopped. Count killed Scar and stopped the volcano, saving Jamaa.

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